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About Francis Online Tuitions

Welcome to FRANCIS ONLINE TUITIONS, a unique online service connecting students and tutors. In internet era number of E-literate people is increasing day by day. If you are student and looking for a tutor in your city, our francis helps you to choose your home tutor or online tutor from our wide database of talented tutors. You can also perform location, qualification, fees, and specialization based searches to get the best suitable home tutor as per your need.

How does Online Tutor Info work?

If you are qualified, have spare hrs to work, specialized in some subjects, interest in teaching and have any or no experience in teaching, you are eligible for tutoring!.

Seems like a job full of fun and enthusiasm, right? For students, especially if they are in big cities like Delhi, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Agra, Lucknow, Kolkata, it's very hard to choose the right home tutor. Online Tutor Info exclusive 'rating' criteria help you to choose the best Home tutor in your city. In nutshell there are three important steps to find student/ tutor in your city: 1. Create profile 2. Submit the the profile describing requirements 3. Contact other members. Look who has got what !

Why should one choose Online Tutor Info?

  • Online Tutor Info is the most economic way to advertise your need. You cannot ignore the benefits of online presence in internet era. This modern method empowers you to set your needs as per your wish, not limited by mediators.
  • Tutors, become the part of Online Tutor Info and become the owner of their own business.
  • Online Tutor Info Help tutors to create a brief introductory profile to display on our website. This is a useful way for teachers to draw attention to their profiles.
  • Online Tutor Info teachers include everyone from certified professionals to stay-at-home moms. Include any information that showcases your abilities as a professional tutor. This short introduction is what will set you apart from other teacher candidates. It is the first thing that prospective students will see, so it is important to maintain a friendly, yet professional tone.
Just imagine attending tuition from anywhere without chasing the traffic, is it not exciting? That is what the online tuition facilitates, here are some of benefits:
  • It is convenient to attend from home, relieves from rushing to tuition after long hours at school.
  • It is flexible to attend tuition at your convenient time and freely participate in discussions.
  • Each and every lecture is recorded so it can be watched later whether you missed the one or for more details.
  • With noise free audio and high quality video streaming, you can watch the lecture as you see at your traditional local class.
  • You can raise hand, ask questions, and answer asked questions.
  • A digital white board, used to explain the concepts at the same time you can also use to explain your understanding or solve the asked challenges.
  • Browser can be invoked to hit internet for more details and information.
  • It encourages exploring the inner skills to solve the challenges.
  • Parents can watch students’ participation and check online for improvement reports.